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The Asia Gulf Hotel (Yazhou Haiwan Dajiudian) is located near the International Convention and Exhibition Center and Xiamen University.

This Xiamen hotel offers rooms with complimentary broadband access. Some rooms have balconies or views of the sea.

Meeting rooms are available in this hotel, while guests may dine at the hotel's restaurant which serves Cantonese cuisine.

Guests may also make use of the hotel's swimming pool and tennis courts.
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住客评论 1243条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • freeman2005
    Nice ... comfortable
  • miabear
    Prices are very satisfactory, next time you come to live here, really enjoyed
  • luyangyour
    Pool and gym in the Southern District, to cross a street. the breakfast is too simple, I'm sorry the price. Southern meals convenient rest assured that also can enjoy beach barbecues.
  • bbjw1984
    Good in every way!
  • iamcarolluo
    Near by sea side and beautiful area, but hotel itself is not clean and old facilities which I do not enjoy. Carridor is very small and little dirty, and carpet is already old. Room is large enough but most of facilities look old and no replenishment / maintenance. Breakfast is just ok, but much enjoyable.
  • dogvscat
    Good sanitation
  • mavislynn
    A points money a points goods's only said, around environment belongs to which species small fishing village like many partner road pitted, facilities is old, towel like of are has snag has. effect most bad of is bathroom anti-sliding floor pad why put in towel following of shelf airing with, service also good, to eat has they home self dinner, dish products didn't what say, service good, front desk also also can.
  • sf9581
    In addition to the room is small, 1.5 bed is a bit small, but pool is a bright spot, it is worth staying. consider Oh
  • dayu2dj
    Television turned out to be the old lordosis rebound-small TV, and hasn't been seen for decades ... ... Shower drain did not even launch ... ... The dirty sofa ... ... The little room that little ... ... Slippers, it is not for every day ... ... Elevators are small freight elevators ... ... I swear, next time do not live here
  • e00220968
    Hotels in some of the old, rooms are small, but there are beaches, kids very happy
  • cxmyfl
    Good location, affordable.
  • meimei911
    Environment is very good, check out speed quickly, is the facility is a bit old.
  • jessiewinnie
    Well, unfortunately, went to the Xiamen sea is dirty, beaches are dirty, lost!
  • Papayama and
    The hotel southern, Northern, and Southern District, beautiful scenery, North and South, across a main road (the island ring road) no shuttle bus between the two districts, intersection no traffic lights, in addition to breakfast restaurant in the Southern District so guests in the North District is inconvenient and potentially unsafe. Hotel television or old analog circuits, the picture quality is poor, no spots.
  • li4043814
    Villas in Southern District is great, pool is sea, huangcuo sea particularly well. provisional booking that hotel occupancy was also soon, is the room is a bit old, still loved it! family happy! is a bus stop at the door to go out very convenient! BRT from Oriental Villa is also very near
  • cfsr0
    Clean nice room. the reception is good, the next time to live
    Hotel very well on the South side, North side facilities considerably
  • louis13
    Come again
  • e00025160
    And disappointed! thought to entertain guests at the hotel famous is good, but rooms and small, poorly ventilated, are embarrassed to let a guest.
  • lsy379066104
    Environment and service was good.
  • llccpp
    North General. within ten minutes ' walk to the beach. next to seafood city, the price is right. Room, space for. cheap, slightly above the Inn
  • e00544552
    Facilities for older
  • acoolfox
    Environment is good, service was good
  • lincolngao
    The hotel is very comfortable, balcony seen sea, a few minutes ' walk to the beach, swimming pool and beach are quite nice, here have a good leisure and beautiful beaches, like the sea I enjoy living here is really good, but time is too tight, breakfast is very good, tastes great, and delicious Chili, really cool yy
  • dimessi
    Overall impression is bad, requires an upgrade room failed to pass the front desk, or small room, the environment is also not how, attitude is bad, bad breakfast, not to live. check running 25 minutes, was vomiting blood.
  • coolboxfc
    Good hhhhhhh
  • season
    Beautiful views of the sea, swimming pool is the great love of children. South Island Villa, highly recommended!
  • dobsonyang
    Are older, but the price is high
  • sd2565
    Hotel is good, health is OK, looks very atmospheric, is the very narrow corridor the corridor was too small.
  • dflove
    It's OK
  • firelyx
    The room is too small, it gets the square, especially the bathroom small turn difficult! see that is equipped with a range of facilities, or a traditional CRT TV, I'm sorry this room of four hundred or five hundred! only seems to have some porridge for breakfast, eat an egg, nothing else!
  • casiooo
    To Xiamen every year of residence, Villa-Hotel feel at home ... a very good environment, close to the sea, the scenery is beautiful.
  • ct-March 3
    Around the seaside scenery is very good, room far too small device is so bad
  • rena0607
    Scheduled of is two between southern garden Villa rooms. 15 , just on in hotel pool near, as first times learn swimming of I, can compared serious of said, water taste good, freshwater T_T (? del ')? pool of outside is Beach, day morning just morning woke up came didn't has sleep, put Shang bath robe wind on slipped reached Beach Shang see Sunrise has, finished Sunrise also can in beach of Gallery up times big Zai of morning walking, habits morning run of also OK. hotelDoor right is bike rental of tower head station, door taxi very convenient. to had CUO an,, University, Goddess mountain are is convenient, hotel itself on in Island Road Shang. is not hotel dining, near also not worry eat, 3 people a meal seafood dinner down also very economic. handle staying Hou can directly sat hotel of sightseeing tram to Villa. front desk except beauty is guy, here of staff laugh up is a wisp of Sun, this weekend in here had have is happy. peer of are saidTimes also have set in this, even met weather bad, mood bad, didn't want to out of when also can in hotel in comfortable of spent a all day. hotel within also has spa health club, foot bath, gym like, gym and swimming pool (remember with swimming take) staying Hou are can free using. _ worth recommended. on has, from hotel to Xiamen North Station (high-speed rail) go to goddess mountain that direction words 30 minutes, normal reserved 45 minutes should OK, pit Ann check wicket ticketWhat should also allow another 30 minutes almost, 3 minutes to stop the ticket in advance.
  • b_bob
    Decoration is too old. by the sea ... There is no price
  • imyding
    Room too small corridors too narrow bathroom is too small
  • ACF004
    Which is very nice
  • jesse-j
    Good location, on the coastal road, the hotel covers a wide range, a good environment, good service, room was nice.
  • cilin77
    Facilities are old is not replaced, it was terrible! Chair bad to the people on the balcony fell out of a bowl of fruit ... ... Showers shower mouldy, simply don't want to take a bath ... ... People walked up and down when sprayed pesticides killing ... ... Carpet piece by piece black ... ... Very poor management! spent living five-star prices for a three-star hotel, bad!
  • oasis_2002
    Outside the hotel is a lovely evening walks on the beach, feeling very romantic, Yes.
  • encai
    Next to make a southern of, North had road not convenient. also has swimming to with swimming CAP, or to money in he that buy, price 20, swimming clothing that on more expensive has. this not too good, pocket with bent money. swimming pool service personnel not enthusiasm, anyway let they took what are not willing to, spent has money also to see they face, feel super upset.
  • e00210356
    Too bad, 625 a night, TV or of the last century, air conditioning can't adjust temperature, even a foot bath mat No ... never seen such a bad hotel
  • etwarl
    Live in the North, not by the sea, the room is too small
  • abcdanny
    Give me room on the second floor, sea view worst ... will not stay this hotel again, whether for business or pleasure.
  • xiaoxumu
    Cannot live on the first floor was too sick and later change the
  • D04787576
    Which is very nice!
  • citygreens
    Mosquitoes in the room, and the picture is not a point! breakfast good.
  • eeyora
    Really General, value is not high?
  • egovip
    Room small, TV somewhat old, toilet somewhat processing had fan zhihou of garbage didn't clean, but hotel service is good, attitude good, hotel around of stalls many, some delicious some unpalatable, too pit of no buy. also has in door kcal car sold 5 Yuan a pounds of mango of, we line people buy has many, because too heavy, boss said to we sent, but to now third days has, express fundamental check not to, too rip-off has, do don't was again believes has
  • louiswang2010
    The older of the sea